About Andy Thackeray

About Andy Thackeray

At work

In October 2009, having worked in accounting practices for over 20 years, Andy noticed that most no longer focus on provision of good client service but instead concentrate on getting paid well for the minimum amount of work. It mean just one thing – strike out alone.

Andy’s in depth technical knowledge and vast experience gained on assignments have afforded him a great grounding, not just in the numbers side of things but, in being able to spot things that could derail a business. Something which he brings to his clients’ businesses is down to earth reality. If there’s a problem he’ll let you know and how to fix it…before it happens.

Andy is passionate about accounting and finance, especially working WITH businesses to help them avoid issues or help them through if they are unavoidable. For Andy, being an accountant isn’t just a job, it’s in his very fibres – a true vocation.

26 years general practice work. In depth technical knowledge matched with down to earth reality. Through previous assignments I have provided FD support on a weekly basis to a 21 company group and also many other temp secondment roles to clients in similar roles.

Keen interests in tax and the potential for saving money! My aim is to ensure that all clients get through the rough times and improve their wealth.

Passionate about accounting and finance, working WITH business to help them through issues and able to provide FD experience without the cost of setting on a full-time post.

Away from the day job

Interests range from church bell-ringing through to politics via beer, curries and transport issues. Andy invariably speaks out and ends up on committees as a result. There is some truth in the adage – you need to be inside to affect the future and it’s only fair to get stuck in.

Character – easy going and ‘allegedly’ speaks to anyone but does want to see others achieve the same high standards in whatever they turn their hand to. Can lead to severe bouts of confidence boosting speeches and ‘just give it a go’ shoves!

Life is not something there to be taken for granted. You can let it wash over you and become dull and flat like the beach or take it by the horns and etch out those craggy lines that tell people – he lived.

Business Experience and fortes

From start ups to multi-national businesses, they’ve been clients and have included secondments such as 12 months standing in as group financial controller for a 20+ company construction group. The client exposure covers manufacturing, construction, service providers, food industry, IT, stock holders, farms, trades and many more – basically there’s not much that hasn’t been worked with by Andy.

Experience of dealing with parent companies, and their boardrooms, abroad on behalf of the UK subsidiaries and some knowledge of foreign tax legislation.

Never yet lost a client to recession where they’ve taken advice.


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