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We’re not an ordinary, old fashioned, stuffy accountancy practice.

Let’s face it, most small business doesn’t need a full time finance director or the salary they demand. Our service plans provide you with a passionate, proactive finance director and business mentor. Our hands on experience with businesses, from start ups to multi-national groups, is included in our service plan because it makes a difference to your business.

Initial contact meetings will see an examination your business; how it operates, what it involves, what are its processes and who are the people in it. We work out how to reduce the time burden by providing a systems review and recommendations for implementation. We will never make change for change sake. It will be to improve efficiency and efficiency = time and money saved.

Our core services are statutory accounts preparation, tax compliance, payroll, book-keeping, VAT compliance, business plans with cash flow forecasts, management information/accounts and company secretarial work. Many other services are available – drop us a line to ask.

We’ve worked hard to put in place systems ensuring that:

• you will never get a late filing penalty;

• that you receive plenty of notice and time to save up for the inevitable tax bill when you’ve made the first £1million profit (we’ll keep that tax bill as low as legally possible, of course);

• to get back to you asap when we’re on another call or in a meeting; and

• to keep in touch on at least a minimum quarterly basis.

Planning for your future exit strategy – is it retirement, sale or something more exotic you have in mind? We’ll work with you to map the path ahead and put in place the best marker posts for the challenges ahead.

We believe that we provide a truly client focused service and treat you as we would be treated.

Our clients come first.

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